Still Alive – I Promise!

I’m still alive, I promise! 🙂

And even though this blog has been exceptionally and unusually quiet lately, I promise I haven’t forgotten this space and all of you good people who read my rambling thoughts.

Thank you for reading!

The last time I wrote about my Camino journey, I wrote about taking a break in Burgos and relishing the quiet of a private room. Somehow, that “break” has transferred into my “real life” too, and I’ve unexpectedly stalled on writing and recounting my camino journey. I could say that I’ve been busy or that time has run away on me. Both of these things are true but they’re not the full picture. I can’t even say what the full story is, but I’m rolling with life just like I tried to roll with the challenge of walking 500 miles across Spain. I’m taking it one day at a time. I’m figuring it out as I go along. And when I’m able to return to a regular (and hopefully more structured) writing life, I’ll be here with bells on!

For someone who usually lives a rather organized life, this detour from blogging feels a bit “touchy-feely” and I worry that I’m one of many who run out of steam after six short months. The world is full of people who start out with the best of intentions but a few months later realise they don’t have the material, or time, or energy to maintain a regular blog. I hope I’m not “one of those” people! I still have lots to recount and say about camino. If you can believe it, I am influenced by camino every day and the things I learned along the way still resonate with me in my daily life. I still find myself talking about camino a lot. There is certainly a “Before Camino” and “After Camino” dividing line in my life and while I still feel so strongly about my experience, I think I have a lot of blogging material yet to come.

In the meantime, might I suggest that you use my lull in writing to go enjoy the sunshine and take a bike ride! I’m alive, I’m well, and I’m figuring out how to articulate the next phase of my camino journey. I’ve written about the first third – there’s still lots to come. I will return and I hope you’ll still be here when I do!

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