Blogging Blockers

I wouldn’t ordinarily draw attention to this but I’ve been slow to post recently & I’ve been chasing my tail with every recent post.

Short story: a nasty chest infection, a dramatic flu, and a change in my workspace all upended my routine for writing.

Added to that, a broken laptop, a water-damaged smart phone that won’t switch on (ouch!), and you get the idea….it’s been a bit tricky to get the time, physical space, and the logistics/resources I need to sit and write regularly.

Not to worry!

The royal *we* hope that normal business will resume soon!

In the meantime, hang in there and feel free to browse around my earlier, older posts. Or share the links with your friends. Or share them with some awesome agent you know who happens to work in publishing and is looking for a fresh new voice. I can help put an end to that search!

Don’t despair. There’s still lots I want to say about camino and I plan to do so again ASAP.

Thanks people.


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