St. Brigid in the Rioja Region

At different points in walking the Camino, I passed chicken wire fencing along the side of the trail.

Usually, the fencing was festooned with ribbons, photographs, and miscellaneous keepsakes – pieces of clothing or prayers written on paper. People also wove lose grasses or twigs through the fencing to make crucifixes. Depending on the length of the fence, there could be dozens or even hundreds of crucifixes lining the trail – big and small, some neatly constructed, some roughly assembled.

People wanted to leave a marker, whatever their reason.

Walking from Viana to Navarette, I passed through miles of vineyards. The Rioja region is famous for its red wine and the chicken wire fence separated me from the vines, at least some of the time. In the photo below,  you’ll see brown twigs woven into the wire, to make the shape of a cross. Some of them are more crude than others. And above them all, there’s something uniquely Irish – St. Brigid’s Cross, woven in straw – evidence that another Irish person had walked the Camino before me!


St. Brigid’s Cross


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