A Leap of Faith!

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My new froggy friend provides inspiration as I prepare for another big trip.  Not that I could call my Camino journey a “trip” – that sounds far too leisurely and just a bit superficial, and I do think Camino is so much more than a pleasure holiday. I don’t know what India holds in store for me but I’ll know soon enough!

Still, both endeavours required a certain amount of planning and then an acknowledgement that there were/are bits I couldn’t/can’t control. I’ve implemented certain plans but until I actually get there, I am finding it difficult to trust that everything is/will be okay. I was the same before Camino but once I started walking, most of my anxieties fell away.

The Camino is a combination of logistics (finding a bed, finding a dinner, keeping belongings safe, etc.) and physically walking. Before I departed, my head was awash with “to do” lists and anxieties about the logistics. I worried about the walking too, and whether I was really able for 800km of it.

A lot of mental chatter combined with a lot of fear.

But when I left St. Jean Pied de Port that first sunny morning, I realised something simply lovely:

I can’t control the logistics but I can walk.

I walk every day, in my everyday life, in the real world. I just put one foot in front of the other. Even though there are a thousand things I can’t control or plan for, I am able to walk. That’s half the battle, if not more.

And funnily, once I started walking, my anxieties about Camino fell away with gentle ease.

By the time I arrived in Orisson, I already felt more confident and about making a ‘success’ of it (however I might define that).

Sometimes you have to just get off the couch, get off the fence, and go do the thing  – and in the doing, the fear melts away.

I’m hoping for the same again with this big journey and in the meantime, I’m taking a leap of faith!




2 thoughts on “A Leap of Faith!

  1. YES!!! Yes!! I’m so gald you’re taking the leap and just taking it a step at a time. What I wouldn’t do to be joining you, adventuress!


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